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Looking Beyond the Here and Now:
Planning for Hybrid Work

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May 5

1:00PM EST
Learn the steps to take today that will provide your business with a strong and resilient foundation for future growth. This webinar goes beyond current thinking to unlock new data and share insights to maximize the benefits of hybrid working - as you plan your return to office locations.
Henrik Cronqvist

Roopam Jain

Senior Industry Director
Frost & Sullivan

Henrik Cronqvist

Gary Sorrentino

Global Deputy CIO

Henrik Cronqvist

Justin Bondi

Lead Product Specialist

Webinar explores

Join leading market research firm Frost & Sullivan’s, Roopam Jain, as she shares both expertise and proof points to help you determine why you need to take action now to ensure your business is resilient and ready for the future. Joining Roopam, Zoom and Neat will share how together they are helping businesses of all sizes around the globe transition to a new way of working and what their next generation of smart meeting spaces can do for your business.

Register for this webinar to hear Roopam Jain, Senior Industry Director, Frost & Sullivan, Gary Sorrentino, Global Deputy CIO, Zoom and Justin Bondi, Lead Product Specialist, Neat, as they guide you through what to think about as you plan your return to the office, and why now is the time to use data-driven insights to support your decision making as you consider:

  • Reshaping the office and the needs of an agile workforce
  • Protocols for safe meeting and collaboration spaces
  • How to achieve an equitable and consistent collaboration experience
  • What efficiency gains are available from video-enabled processes
  • What to expect from the latest technological developments