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The meeting movement is a new way of working, one that’s centered on wellbeing, social interaction and distributed creativity.

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Neat designs simple and elegant video devices that make virtual meetings feel almost as real as meeting face-to-face.

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People’s wellbeing at work should reflect all aspects of their working life, from the quality and safety of their physical environment, to how they feel about their work and connectivity with colleagues, surroundings and tools. All this is vital to ensuring your company’s long-term effectiveness.


Creating comfortable and inspiring surroundings with leading-edge video tech and office furniture enables you to be productive, happy and thrive.


Neat's auto framing follows you wherever the moment takes you, enabling you to move and interact naturally while capturing every gesture and expression.


Settle into your space with the same natural familiarness you found when meeting in person, offering you space to breathe and focus on what matters most.

Neat Sense

Protect the health of your team
with the ability to see real-time room
analytics such as people count,
air quality and temperature.

Neat Symmetry

Enables remote participants to see
everyone in a meeting room equally
and up close for enhanced
engagement like never before.

Keep Your Video Meetings Moving

According to Flokk, the market leader in workplace furniture in Europe, active or dynamic sitting helps keep your body moving while seated.

"If we are allowed to move, we move.”
        - Norwegian industrial designer Peter Opsvik

Social Interactions

Social interaction happens when we all come together to meet, and it’s not just the scheduled meetings but also those spontaneous interactions around the water cooler, in the kitchen or even grabbing a coffee while quickly exchanging ideas.

Distributed Creativity

For that next brilliant idea to come forward, everyone needs to be on the same page. Inspiration happens anywhere, everyone needs consistent experiences and the ability to take notes, organize thoughts and provide quick visual feedback everywhere you work.

The Meeting Movement Vibe

A curated playlist to help you feel inspired, energized and productive wherever you choose to work.